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First business and consumer loans issued


Micro-Finance loan products launched


WeLend decides to focus solely on unsecured lending


Over ₮11Billion issued to over one thousand customers

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Social Impact

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Our Leadership

Professional Team
  • Oliver Thirlwall
    Oliver Thirlwall
  • Odontuya Surendorj
    Finance Manager
    Odontuya Surendorj
  • Tsegi Oyunchimeg
    Loan officer
    Tsegi Oyunchimeg
  • Munkh Davadorj
    Loan officer
    Munkh Davadorj


Building financial inclusion for under-banked people

Welend has teamed up with what3words to locate the addresses of people living in the Ger Districts of Ulaanbaatar. Being able to quickly and accurately locate a borrower’s address helps build financial inclusion for under-banked people in Ulaanbaatar.

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